Pouring Red Wine

How she got here

Chef Rachel began her passion for cooking in 2003.  She began playing with flavors and ingredients to come up with her own recipes.  In 2013, being a wine lover, she decided to take wine education classes in Napa, Ca through WSET.  Food and wine go hand and hand so naturally began researching pairings. 

Chef Rachel discovered that some of the book and articles that she read didn't work.  An average wine drinker would think to pair the flavor of the wine with food.  When she did that, it totally transformed the flavor of the wine.  Why should I change the flavor of wine that the winemaker worked to hard on getting?  Traditionally fish with white wine, steak with red, salad with white.  There is nothing traditional about Chef Rachel and she is here to educate you why.  

Chef Rachel discovered using contrast flavors, you enhance the wine and the food, the flavors don't compete and it's a perfect harmony of flavors.  Not only does this work for wine, it works for beer and cocktails.  I will cheers to that! 

This is how and why Chef Rachel's recipes are so unique, she uses specific flavors to compliment what is being served with the dish.  

You can now make your reservation to dine at Pair With located in Dead Oak Brewing Company