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Pair With Chef Rachel - Classes

winery and restaurant staff trainings, corporate team bonding, large group activity

A pairing is simple at its core, two flavors that when brought together are superior they either was separately.

Most pairings begin with the meal, as restaurants, events, even home cooked meals most often begin with the food.  Take apart the components of the meal and think of a wine that will complement and augment that meal. 

But this is Paso Robles California, home of some of the most complex wines in the world. This is a place where the wines are shaped by the land they are grown on, a region that defines itself in its blends each with the winemakers signature upon the bottle. Here in Paso Robles the beverage makers (for it is no longer just wine with new distillers and brewers opening each year) are the chefs, the cocktail masters.  They begin with the best possible ingredients, then weave together incredible stories in glass bottles. And so I begin with their masterpieces, I take my inspiration from the glass, build from there


As someone who is passionate about finding new pairings, I love to teach others how to begin to explore this world or how to take their own pairings to the next level.  If you are interested in organizing a pairing class for your team, for a group of friends, or as an option for folks staying in your air bnb, send me an email!


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As of now I do not have a space to hold classes, so unfortunately can only offer them to large groups that have a space available. However I am on the hunt for my dream kitchen- where I can not only teach classes but offer lunch and dinner as well!

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