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Image by Jeff Siepman

My daughters were so in love with you, you are a mommy, your creativity, you are a business woman, your she can do it all!  I don't know if you knew, but a role model for our girls FOR SURE! My daughters were watching you and taking notes, perhaps, you've never thought about how you may be influencing young girls in your presence!  #girlpower...Your dinner was perhaps my husband and I's FAVORITE.. MOST SPECIAL..DINNER WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.  You are MAGICAL, with FOOD, DANCE AND PEOPLE.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Darla Thompson


Dearest Rachel, we are seriously in love with you!  You made our wedding so unbelievably special I cannot even tell you.  I don't know how we could have had such a magical evening with out you and your food.  Thank you for being part of this special day.  Your meal was amazing... same with your dancing! 

Nicole P.

Image by Kelsey Chance

This was my second time experiencing Chef Rachel.  The first time was for a work event the second, for a family event.  Both times Rachel completely exceeded the expectations with dinner.  The family event, I worked with Rachel in planning the menu for a party of 8.  She took some information about our group and preferences, and developed a custom menu and paired each course with wine and that was the best culinary experience I have ever had!!!!

Magdeline D

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