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Brunch Please

Center Of Effort

I am so excited to be working with COE, from Chef Counter experiences to Winemaker Dinner to Brunch and pairing class.

This pairing class is so special to me, this is where and how I began. From a yoga/dance teacher taking a wine education class for fun, turning into a culinary journey that I still have to pinch myself to check if this is my reality. A very personal class training your palette what makes a bad pairing, what makes a good pairing and what makes you dance in your chair pairing.

Join us Sunday February 12 at 11am for Brunch and a Pairing Class. Limited seats available for a Sunday Funday you will not forget.

What will I be serving for Brunch? And more importantly PAIRING?

Have you had Torrijas? Now you cannot tell me no if you grab your ticket! An indulgent brunch item flavored with cinnamon, sugar and a twist of cocoa to make this the perfect pairing. Served with applewood smoked bacon and a glass of Center of Effort Chardonnay.

Get your tickets!

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